Started out on the College Tour

We had to work hard to get the band in shape for the tour. Our drummer sort of flamed out on us, but that was not an entirely bad thing. He was a very difficult guy to get along with and he was not the world’s greatest drummer either. The guy we replaced him with is a lot more fun and a better drummer. He used to be with this high school band, but the other guys were terrible. It was the sort of band that would have to buy soundcloud followers. In fact he has to have his Mom’s permission to go play in bars with us. He is barely 18 years old and we are wondering if he is going to go to college in the Fall. » Read more: Started out on the College Tour

How to Deliver the Best Education for Your Kids

There are many factors that add up to our child’s education and how it is delivered. School is not the only place for learning and ensuring that the home environment is a comfortable and stimulating area of learning is vital. As parents there are many things that we can do with our children from a very young age to ensure they have the best education and that it is delivered the way it should be. We have put together just a few ideas that will help make sure that your child receives the education that they deserve. Whether they are a budding Little Harvard student, interested in the creative arts or of a mathematical nature there are plenty of things that you can do to help, take a look!

Be Interested

Show interest in your child’s schoolwork and it will pay off. Do not limit the amount of time that you are able to dedicate to your child’s work and extend your support to his/ her teacher too. Keep in contact with their teacher by phone or email so that there is an open relationship to discuss any issues that may arise. This will ensure that both parent and teacher feel comfortable to discuss anything to do with the child’s education.

Study/ Homework Space

School environments are purposely built to ensure that each child has a suitable work space that is ideal for learning. They are made up of plenty of light, a comfortable desk and chair, lots of supplies and space. A similar environment should exist at home where your child can sit down in the evenings to do their homework. This makes things a lot easier for the child to complete assignments and it is the perfect place that you can help out with their work too. Make sure their desk is well equipped with necessary school supplies and a desk lamp for the ideal study space.

Healthy Habits

Healthy eating habits are vital for children of a young age. Childhood obesity is at an epidemic level and it’s time we do something to prevent it. Eating a healthy breakfast each morning is vital, encourage daily exercise and limit the amount of time spent watching television and playing with games consoles. It is very important that your child has a regular sleeping pattern also, choose a bedtime that suits your child making sure that they get plenty of sleep and stick to it on a daily basis.

Encourage and Succeed

One of the best and most effective ways to prepare our children for success in school in by showing optimism in their work and encouraging them to do well. Success starts at home and by giving your children a sense of ability, they are more likely to achieve goals and progress well in school. By making the expectation clear at home and promoting learning your child will be the best student that they can be.

Do not forget that those first years are one of the most important where your child grows and develops itself. For that investing time and effort for their education is essential. Home is where it all begins, so make sure you provide the right environment, love and support to spur and deliver the best education for your kids.

Best Education at Boys School

Good schooling and education is very important for children, as they would be of great help to them in leading a good life. Hence one should take great care and effort to find the right school for children. There are different kinds of schools with various modes of teaching and activities for children. One can choose the best that suits the kid. One of the most popular schools can be found in United Kingdom where the best education is offered at an affordable price.

Some of these best schools in London include institutions like Queen Ethelburga’s boy’s school. These boy’s schools have now become one of the best educational institutes in the world. Throughout the year the schools have maintained an exceptional record of achievement and educational services that is 100% satisfactory. These schools give equal importance to education, sports, personality development and arts so that students excel in the entire field. The senior schools are for people between the age group of 11 to 16 years while the sixth form is for people from 16 to 20 years of age.

Sixth form is a two-year study course for people to bridge the gap from youth into adulthood. The staffs take great care to ensure that every student gains knowledge and understand the deeper self for a better lifestyle. These boy’s schools has gained much popularity among the public due the continuous achievements every year. If you are living outside United Kingdom then you can still join the school and study as they have special reservation for international students every year. These popular schools have a very good system of term fees where the parents can pay the fees in installments for every term. This has been very easy and helpful for the parents who have a lower financial status.